Wednesday, 10 November 2010

High Speed Histories

Early in 2009 my agent mentioned that the lovely people at Scholastic were working on a project that they were keen for me to be involved in- an off-shoot of the uber successful Horrible Histories books, but with a more comic book feel.

The work load has been quite a bit more than we envisaged, and they are mammoth things to work on but very enjoyable and have stretched me quite a bit.
And they have my name on the front!!!

which is nice

Currently in print are Egypt and Tudors, with Knights in the bag and for sale in March, and Rome my current project- scheduled for shops in summer 2011

Monday, 8 November 2010

Damn it!

Knew I'd forget about this

busy too (which one shouldn't complain about)

Onwards then

where were we....?
Yes, ok- after a few successful escapades into the world of full colour Horrible books I got a job doing a couple of books tying in with the BBC series Merlin
More comic based they were fun to work on, but seemed to take me too long.... wish i knew how to use, and had, Manga Studio.
My agency stable mate Rob Davis did the next two books and blew me out the water....